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Headed over to Paradise Inn at NEX not too long ago, around the start of this month. Da's sister decided to treat us! So nice of her~ Ha...

Headed over to Paradise Inn at NEX not too long ago, around the start of this month. Da's sister decided to treat us! So nice of her~ Haha. And because of that, I decided to buy her a birthday present on her birthday which was over a week ago~ Hee.

Anyway, dinner-ed with Da and his family. Felt so under-dressed in a quite classy restaurant until I saw how everyone was dressed too. Lol. =X Yupp, so Paradise Inn has a Chinese classics concept, with intricate details to their tableware and cutlery.

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Also, we were given Boiled Peanuts as appetizers. If you do not wish to have them, you can tell the staff so and they will not charge the appetizers to your bill. =)

So on came the rest of the food~ We ordered a medley of meat and vegetables and soup. Didn't manage to capture a picture of the soup within the stylish pot, because the staff actually helped us to pour into 5(+1) bowls. So nice of them~ =) But no pretty pictures. Lol. =X

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Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish & Water Chestnut

This was Da's sister's favourite dish. She immediately ordered this when she sat down. Haha. No points why she ordered this though. The minced meat is very juicy and tender. Along with the salted fish and water chestnut, this comes across as a very traditional dish that hasn't lost "its" touch. Yumyum~

Next up is my all-time favourite meat-dish! Sweet and Sour Pork!!
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Ooh la la~ So chewy!! Simply love all sweet and sour pork dishes and this was no exception!! The onion and green capsicum was also very crispy. And if I was not wrong, there seems to be a type of fruit in there too, but I just could not put my finger on what it was. Lol!

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Even though I hated that purple vegetable (eggplants), the way the eggplants were cooked didn't seem to turn me off. Haha. I even managed to eat 3 of those vegetables!! An achievement, well, for me that is. Haha. And Da was very proud of me! HAHA~

Last but not least,
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Salted Egg Yolk Shrimps~ Ohgoly~ This is GOOOOOOD!! I was secretly quite depressed when there was only enough for one of us each. Haha. When I had a mouthful of the shrimp with the salted egg yolk, I just "floated". It was so heavenly~~ Sigh. I carn wait to have another bite and order this dish again when I go back!! Lol.

Ah, but all good food comes to an end, the bill wasn't too expensive either. It amounts to about $18 per person. But Da's sister was treating, so we kind of got a free meal! Hee. Anyway, we kind of repaid her the favour back by buying her Capitaland vouchers~ Haha.

Will update more about food! Haha~ There's still at least two more posts dedicated to people's birthdays, with many photos of food~ Till then!!

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