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Here's an attempt to revive my blog. Lol. Been really busy with work, and I finally had a bit of time to craft out this blogpost though ...

Here's an attempt to revive my blog. Lol. Been really busy with work, and I finally had a bit of time to craft out this blogpost though this is kind of belated. Haha. Been sick for the whole of last week too. But I'm getting better, hopefully. Haha. So here it is, enjoy folks. :D

Headed out for a meet-up with friends at A for Arbites after work. When we headed there, we realised that there is a different menu for brunch and dinner. Lol. For all you food-goers out there, see below for the address:

28 Aliwal Street #01-01
Singapore 199918
Tel: 83212252

Opening hours are
Tue – Fri, 11.30 am-11 pm
Sat, 11 am-11 pm
Sun, 9 am- 9 pm
Last order is an hour before closing
Closed on Mondays

Headed there on a Tuesday night. It was not as fully packed as I thought it would be. So it was a very cosy dinner for all. Was a little shocked when I saw the menu, as the dishes were very decently priced, from $3 to $17. Then upon clarification, we realised that all the dishes there were mini-sized, so to be full, we would have to order about 3 dishes each. Haha. So while we were taking our time choosing our dishes, everyone else arrived and here, we began our feast. :P

Braised Smoked Pork Belly - Thirty-six hour braised streaky bacon, kimchi and leaf bun

Egg Benedict - Brioche, black forest ham, poached quail egg and hollandaise

Fish and Chips - Halibut fillet, steakhouse-style chips and tartare sauce

Green Tea Spaghettini - Handmade green tea pasta, smoked duck breast, wasabi tobiko and lapsang souchong broth

Lobster Cake - Lobster, crabmeat, cheese, mash potato with fennel and apple salad

Lobster Thermidor - Marine lobster, crabmeat, mushrooms, cream, mustard, brandy and parmesan cheese

Pan-fried Scallops - Hokkaido scallops, prune and balsamic puree and crispy parma ham

Wagyu Beef Slider - Hand chopped Wagyu rump, caramelized onions, chilli jam and cheese

Bergamot Jelly - Served with a Dark Chocolate Mousse

Ginseng Panna Cotta - Cooked cream pudding, ginseng, wolf berries and chrysanthemum sorbet

On-the-house Birthday Cake Dessert for the birthday boy!

Each of us did order about 2-3 dishes each. And we were trying each others' dishes too. Haha. Personally, I liked the Wagyu Beef Slider and Green Tea Spaghettini the best. The beef was tender and succulent, not too tough and marinated well. Whereas for the spaghettini, the smoked duck breast is heavenly though the spaghetti was just so-so. The desserts were alright too. I preferred the Bergamot Jelly to the Ginseng Panna Cotta though, Ginseng is not really one of my favourite flavours to begin with. Lol. After all the food photos, shall end off with a group shot! Whee! :)

Group Photo!!

Do give a call if you wanna head down to A for Arbites @ Aliwal Street, especially if you are dining with a big group just like us. Till next time, cheerios! :)

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